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These free yoga classes in english are given every second wednesday by Peter Marchand, student of Harish Johari, famous author of many books on yoga, tantra and ayurveda. Peter also wrote two books : "The Yoga of the Nine Emotions" and "The Yoga of Truth". He also teaches at the European Yoga Union.

Sorry that this website is largely made in Dutch. You can find more information on Peter Marchand and many of the subjects that he teaches at the Sanatan Society website in english here.

You can also see free videos of Peter teaching in english at

CLICK HERE FOR THE CLASSES PROGRAM. All these classes happen in an open spirit, recognizing all forms of yoga and spirituality as being one. Giving free classes does not mean that there is some commercial or sectarian nonsense involved. Free just makes it more simple.

Here you also find some interviews in english published in the "Integral Yoga Magazine" :

About emotions :
- p.2 - p.3.


About Jnana Yoga :
p.1 - p.2

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